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Website usage terms and conditions

FASH Limited welcomes you to our website www.fashlimited.com which is governed by FASH Limited, LLC. Hereby referred to as "FASH", "Company", "we", "our" or "us". The use of our WEBSITE is subjected to the TERMS & CONDITION and Privacy Policy whether or not you have viewed them, if you do not agree with our terms; you shall not access or use the website. If the content in this site is afflicting and unjust kindly contact us at legalteam@fashlimited.com. The company reserves all rights in its sole discretion with respect to the terms and condition to change, modify, update and revise at any time without the prior notice. The term you or your/(s) refers to whosoever is accessing our website through any device (i.e. computer or mobile device).

Below are the terms and conditions

  •  The website page contents are purely for information purpose. The company reserves all rights in its sole discretion to modify, update or revise the terms and condition.
  •  The company shall not be liable for the use of any information or material by you. The utilization and application of the material is solely at your peril. The company shall not be held responsible for the materials information or services provided that do not meet your personal specifications.
  •  Unauthorized access, theft or destruction to our website is a criminal offence and the company holds the right to recover the damages.
  •  Our website consist of links to other third party website, entirely for information purpose, for your benefit or for feedback, it does not imply our endorsement with them. We do not hold the power or answerability for the contents, privacy policy and terms & conditions of the third party sites.
  •  The use of this website and any disputes stemming due to the use of this website is subjected to the laws of the State of Washington, DC.
  •  Our company strives for the smooth running of our website but holds no obligation towards the website being inaccessible due to technical issues.
  •  All contents and materials on this website is solely owned and licensed to FASH Limited, LLC. Copy or reproduction of the material in any form is illegal.
  •  To understand the browsing preference the website uses cookies and the information gained is used to provide you with the best service. You have every right to disable the cookies on the other hand the information will be stored by the third party. Your information is not disclosed to unauthorized users.
  •  With respect to the accuracy of the information, materials or services provided are not in the hands of the company neither the third parties. By your own accord you directly or indirectly agree that the company holds no responsibility for the same.


The website, material and all of the other contents is copyright 2011 of FASH Cosmetic©, FASH Limited© and FASH Limited, LLC. All Rights Reserved. It is illegal and prohibited to rearrange or recreate a section, segment or the entire content. It is legitimate if the content of the site is copied for your personal use, by acknowledging and crediting the company for the same. It is appropriate to print or download the content on the hard disk for personal and not for commercial use.

Violation of Terms & Conditions and other Services

Damage made to the company in any way may include interference or corrupting website operations, misusing the content, services provided, social media and/or official public pages, or jeopardize the company or its employees, FASH has right to take action against the violators.

If determined the company can take legal action and report you to the law enforcement in addition to prohibiting your access to our website. Apart from this your IP address, name aliases and all other user Id will be blocked by the company.

Chargeback and disputes

At the time of deceit, conflict or any other issues with respect to your orders and payments, FASH Limited will continue to work with you. The transaction are handled and monitored by our professional team in accordance with the universal standards and customer satisfaction. You are waivered from your rights to use FASH Limited support and/or from the customer satisfaction procedures if and only if you decide to take the case outside of FASH.

Color Information

The company strives to display the colors of the products accurately; however the actual colors may differ due to monitor or screen variations.

Product information, liability and use

Care should be taken by the legal or parental guardian if the cosmetics or other products are used by the minors. Discussion with the minor’s physician is highly recommended prior to the use of the product.

Product Information

All the content provided on the website is purely for informational and educational purpose not meant for commercializing.

Liability and Use

The usage of the product should be strictly used in accordance with the guidelines or instruction and precautions. The cosmetic product ingredient should be checked prior for the possible allergies by you. You should consult your doctor/physician/healthcare practitioner with respect to the product ingredients or other products and information provided on the site before using and relying on the same. The doctor/physician/healthcare practitioner should address all the queries and concerns regarding the cosmetics and other product. Those suffering from skin ailment and disorders should strictly consult the doctor before use. FASH does not claim or intend to replace medical professions, prescribe and/or answer queries to medical science on our website or on any of our social networking sites.


The statements regarding the products are not evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In case, if any statements made regarding the products may not necessarily occur to all individuals.

Authority to use of content

You are whole and sole responsible to for uploading the content via any of our social media.

Without any prior intimation, we will use the contents uploaded by you for advertising and marketing related purpose unless if we receive a written notice from you stating the restriction for the use of any content usage.

The content provide by you may not be restricted to your reviews, post, blogs, comments, images, videos, feedback, name or others on our social media networks or our website.


FASH welcomes and is open to all constructive and helpful comment reviews complaints and feedback.

If the company discovers that you are/will be a potential threat to us, our community, assets or our public image, the company hold every right to restrict and block your access and prevent you from purchasing our product, availing our services and accessing our website, social media networking sites.

To identify unauthorized illegal and suspicious activities FASH uses third party application and software and will report the same to the law enforcements.

FASH will take legal action against you and will prohibit you from our services if you make use of absence language, profanity, leaving personally identifying information, threatening people or employees, referring to other websites or promoting other pages or websites, by intentionally damaging the brand comments or feedback and/or harming the business or products, false advertising, false report, false information, getting paid from competitors to shatter the brand image or product reviews, claiming a false and inaccurate accusation and/or claiming loss or damages and placing an order with intend to dispute and chargeback or take an advantage of the system or website.

Return, Refund and Exchange policy

The Products should be returned within 30 days after purchase, if and only if you are not satisfied with the purchase. Refund will be remitted back to the same account and in the same mode of payment as the earlier payment. Orders once shipped or returned back to our warehouse, kindly note the delivery fees are not refundable. The product purchased from the auction website, FASH affiliates or the merchandise from the As-Is department will not be accepted if returned. All of our FASH reseller must offer 30 days no question asked exchange and return policy.

Promotional Terms and Conditions:

The cost of the promotional product will be deducted from the actual refund amount if and only if the promotional product was included in the original transaction. The cost for shipping the products back to our warehouse of fulfillment canter will be bored by you. It is the responsibility of every customer to ship the product to our warehouse without damaging it.

Once the product/merchandise is returned to our warehouse, our team will inspect the merchandise and will issue the refund if and only if the product is not damaged. In case of misuse or deviation from the policy the company has every right to restrict you from our site and further purchases.

Holidays and special events

We humbly request you to be patient and expect a delayed shipment or responses from the customer support team, during the holidays and special events or on major sale days. During the sales all of our orders are shipped approximately within 6-7 business days. Although we are constantly trying to reduce the inconvenience caused to you and your cooperation on the same is highly obliged.


Regarding the quality, accuracy and the contents with respect to the products, FASH makes no warranty. Once the orders are placed you directly or indirectly agree to the terms & conditions, shipping and billing policy of FASH Limited, LLC.

We take no liability for the damages caused to you due to the malware virus that may be activated or transmitted via the internet.

Disputes that may arise between you and the company regarding the website and the services will be decided by the court of competent jurisdiction, located in the state of Washington, DC.

If a court of competent jurisdiction deems any of the provision, clause or section in the terms and condition as invalid, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

No waiver of any term of these Terms of Use shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and FASH Limited, LLC's failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.