Pack of 3 Quick Shine 4-Way Nail Buffer

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Pack of 3 Quick Shine 4-Way Nail Buffer

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Quick Overview

  • Professional 4 sided colorful buffing block - White, Pink, Green & Blue

  • This 4 in 1 buffing block that allows you to file, buff, smoothen and shine your nails

  • It can be used for both natural or false nails to provide supreme high gloss

  • Light in weight; Has a soft sponge on the inside

  • Comes in a pack of 3 along with a User Manual



This professional 4-Sided Buffing Block helps you File, Buff, Smoothen and Shine your nails all together with one tool. So no more salon visits or wasting money on expensive manicure treatment. This buffer by FASH Cosmetics is designed to give you your very own personal manicure kit. It is an easy to use tool. Takes least of your time and is the best tool while travelling. Once you file your nails and get the desired shape, use the buff to take off the surface ridges/stains and bring the nail surface to a high level of smoothness which makes the nails much healthier and stylish. The buffer is efficient enough to cover even the minute sections of your nails. It is suitable for both personal and professional usage.

Step by Step procedure to use the Nail Buffer:

Step 1 -First use the White side,(The side which has the logo printed) to file your nails. This helps to file your nails no matter what the shape, giving your nails a perfect structure.

Step 2 -Use the Pink side to buff your nails, that will remove the rough scratches of marks on the surface of the nail. Run this side along your entire nail to help buff away any ridges or peelings. Take care not to overdo it though, as excessive buffing can damage the nails.

Step 3 -Now use the Green side of your buffer to polish your nails. Polishing your nails using this side will smoothen the nail surface. This step is meant for eradicating any tiny imperfections/flaws missed out after completing the 2nd step.

Step 4 -Finally use the Blue side to acquire a beautiful sheen on your nails so that they are ready for a slick of polish. Rub a few drops of olive oil, almond oil or any other skin oil on your nails and cuticles to complete your look and moisturize your nails and hands. Repeat the buffing treatment whenever you start to lose your shine or gain more ridges.

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