About Us

FASH Limited firmly believes in creating FASHION which is affordable, elegant and stylish. FASH Limited is an online retail company, established in the year 2011 based in US. FASH Limited majorly deals in Cosmetics and Handbags, but apart from this FASH Limited is also into Apparels and other daily handy products as well. Our products are manufactured using the best synthetic materials to avoid cruelty towards animals. Our exquisite range of product is extremely versatile from personal to professional use for Woman's belonging from all works of life. We are devoted to cruelty free product and manufacture our products from certified suppliers who believe in the same. Our line of Handbags are made using Man made leather best known as Polyurethane Synthetic Leather or PU Leather. Also our wide ranges of cosmetics are made using Natural Mineral Oil

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Our Story

Ever since our inception, we strive to Satisfy and Delight our Customers with Quality Products in Unbeatable Value. We believe in Building an open and honest relationships with communication. We are very passionate and determined with the work that we do. We have a wide variety of Make-Up Collection and Handbags for every Occasion, which just goes with our style statement "Do more with less". We have gained a lot of valuable customers and exponentially growing in the US and now spreading across Europe, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Dubai and in India as well.

Why Choose Fash

  •  Our organization and suppliers are part of Cruelty free revolution and do not believe in Testing on Animals.
  •  We have a wide range of products which are affordable.
  •  FASH has a small team of young, passionate and dedicated experts, who are striving hard to provide our customers with the best.
  •  We diligently aim to work hard in creating new and stunning products for our adorable customers.
  •  We strongly care about our Customers Precious Voice and would be glad to hear from them.